Things to know before getting started:
1. Have basic knowledge of C++ or C# (if you don’t, there are many tutorials on youtube to get you started. you just need the basics to get started with Arduino)
2. Have an understanding of how electricity and programming work.

The first thing you will have to do is purchase an Arduino Uno: [Insert link here]
You can also purchase the “Sensor Modules Kit” for extra parts: [Insert link here]
If your project uses a boatload of sensors, you can also purchase some extra wires: [Insert link here]

After your package has arrived, plug the blue USB A-B cable from your Arduino into your USB port on your computer.

Once your kit has arrived load up your search browser and go to
the page should look like this:

In DOWNLOAD OPTIONS, click the link that matches your operating system and you will be led to this page:

Click “JUST DOWNLOAD” and depending on your operating system will lead you to a different page. I am not sure about MAC users or what they get but for Windows 10, it will bring you to the Microsoft store where you can simply download it.

When the Installer has been downloaded, open and complete the survey. once finished, the IDE executable will appear on your desktop.

Upon opening the IDE you will be brought to this window:

the 5 buttons on the top left are the ones you will be using the most:

The first is the “Verify” button, this simply compiles your code and checks for errors.
The second is the “Upload” button, it does the same as the Verify button and then uploads the code to your Arduino if it is plugged in.
The third, fourth, and fifth are the New File, Open File, and Save File.

The name of the project is simply “sketch_” and then the date of when the file was created.

In the script, you will find 2 functions:

Setup is where you define pin properties, initiate start functions, ext… Loop is exactly what it sounds like, any code in there is going to be repeated… how obvious.

You may or may not have noticed the small white text on the bottom right of the window:

For me, it says “Arduino Uno on COM3”, which means that I have my Arduino connected to my serial port correctly. if this says something different or when you click the upload button and an error pops up it is because of 1 of 2 reasons.
1. You do not have the right port selected, to select the right port: Go to Tools > Port > pretty much any port that has Arduino Uno in the name. (while you are at, go to Tools > Board > Arduino Uno to make sure you have the right board selected):

2. You do not have the driver installed, to do so open up Device Manager on your Windows search box:

Click the drop-down menu and you might see COM3 or some other COM, right-click it and select update driver:

then you want to click “Browse my computer for drivers”:

Finally, enter the location of your Arduino drivers folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers should be the default location, if not then you will have to find it.

To actually use the software check out my Youtube channel where I explain how to code by making devices you can make yourself for under $50 in materials and components, if you don’t care about coding or learning that much then go to the homepage of and check out all the projects I have posted, each one explaining how to make and code them again for under $50 in materials and components.